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Potential Futures and Possible Realities

Potential Futures and Possible Realities

So many potential futures…so many possible realities…
So many different directions…Which ones will we choose?
What is our species purpose and goal
and what is our individual life’s role??
Continuous warfare and destruction
of environments, other species, and ourselves???
Insatiable greed? Indifference to need?
Oppressions and brutalities- forces of forced obedience-
Soldier States, Police States, Machine States,
loss of self-determination and all self-control?
What makes our lives worth living?
What creates and sustains our well-being?
If we see all Life as one, diversity valued in unity,
abundance and health flowing through
genuine caring and sharing
all that’s good and kind and true,
self-mastery creating harmony,
not ‘hand outs’ but ‘hand ups’,
expanding and growing through giving, giving,
the best within us of who we choose to be, choose to be-
we’d light up our worlds, our futures,
with the glory of who we all are and can be-
Life Itself, wondrous and free…Joyful and free…

Here and Now— Shelley Wilson- January 10, 2018

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley