A Day to Read and Knit Happily


A Work In Progress (Revised)

A Work In Progress (Revised)

I pick up this stitched art
begun when I was so young.
Before I’m gone I’ll pass along
its message to the heart.

A tree, an undying tree
rises up from the sea.
Rooted in Earth’s ‘great deep’,
it’s growing leaves in Heaven.

I am that undying tree,
a Life lost in ‘the deep’
now risen to Life anew.
You ask, “Can this be true?”

You ask, “How can this be?
We lost you to the sea.
Loved ones mourn and weep
those taken in ‘Death’s Sleep’.”

I say, “Weep but do not fear.
Our Life does not end here.
Life transforms. It cannot die.
It’s all Divine and that’s the ‘Why’.
Energy transforms. It cannot die.”

Heaven is Home. We can stay Home,
nevermore wishing to roam,
or we can choose to explore
both the ‘After’ and the ‘Before’.
Why does this seem so strange?
Bodies and Beliefs and Stories change.
It’s all a wondrous Energy Exchange.

Like seed to flower to fruit,
each different yet the same-
like babe to youth to aged,
each different yet the same-
Life’s forms will ever change.
Why does a new Life’s form seem strange?

Your body is like the clothes you wear,
revealing neglect or showing care.
You take them off. You put them on.
You wear some short. You wear some long.

Life’s Mystery unfolds each day,
transforming Life in every way.
Your Life is Life, is Energy-
God’s own Beloved, dear Mystery,
creating, evolving, and ever free
to experience all that you can be.

Life Itself is a Process Divine,
a Micro-Macro Process Sublime,
using the tools of Space and Time.
In this creating and evolving Process
we are simply ‘A Work In Progress”.

A few stitches more before I’m done
my perfect imperfection.
With Love I’ll give this art my best
before I’m quietly laid to rest.

(Shelley A. Wilson- August 26, 2012
and revised February 23, 2018 and …?)

(Yes, I do foresee more poems in ‘me’
for other Lives’ artful stitchery.)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley