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Some see with their mind.
Some see with their heart.
Some see with their eyes only.
As a humble and spiritually immature Human, I can see how even Ancient Sentient Species (both on and off planet) can be highly intelligent, psychically developed, technologically advanced, and yet, most importantly, spiritually immature.
Exploitation, deception, aggression, oppression, indifference to suffering, suppression of truths, sense of superiority, greed, intentional harm, and all abuses of power are clear indicators of spiritual immaturity demonstrated in varying degrees here and elsewhere. Think about it.
May we Sentient Beings now choose to ‘grow up’ in awareness and actually see that there is only One Spirit (God of many ‘Names’, Prime Creator, Source Energy Consciousness, Life) exploring and experiencing Itself through the Many Life-forms of every Dimension always. Understanding this essentially inseparable Oneness, would be a ‘great leap’ and ‘significant shift’ advancing our Evolution on so many levels and in so many ways. That is, ‘Life more abundant’ everywhere.

(March 18, 2018- Shelley Wilson)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley