I Asked the Universe

I Asked the Universe

I asked the Universe to become more clear…
Ah…It’s all about Energy behind horrors here.
All wars, all violence creates primitive Harvests of Fear.
Fear Energy feeds all who’ve forgotten Spirit’s True Love,
Life’s Oneness, Heaven’s Light within and ‘above’.
Even Advanced Species are controlled by hidden ‘strings’-
domination through Fear and the Harvest it brings.
Fear chains worlds with divisive deceptions,
distorted truths, poisoned lies, false perceptions.
Tempting seductions of power, wealth, status, and fame
bind beings in contracts to celebrate guilt and shame-
lives corrupted- enslaved- for others’ greed and gains,
hidden agendas, secretive death cult games.
Symbols and Icons rise fast just to fall,
demoralizing, devaluing lives as they fall.
Dysfunctional Systems destroy as they fall-
all of it designed for Harvests of Fear.
It’s such a great challenge here for Life to be
expressed on this planet, Life sacred and free,
in a contextual field and realm of duality
where choices can create shared reality.
This Feast of Fear’s Power shall not last
though it rules this world as in ages past.
In a Universe of wonder and evolving diversity
every Life’s Essence is precious, divine, inherently free.
This, the Universe, made Itself quite clear to me.

(June 19, 2018- Shelley Wilson)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


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