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Indigestion- a poem


I’ve worshipped Beauty often before
but valued high Wisdom even more.
I groomed and reached for Their perfection
seeking Their counsel and direction.
‘Within!’ They said, but I did not heed.
I explored a world of endless need,
of not enough, and never enough
time, talents, powers, status, and ‘stuff’.
God topped my list of my ‘need to know’.
‘Within!’ I heard but I chose to go
through World Religions and Traditions,
the ‘hearsay’ beliefs and others’ visions.
I ignored my experience for mere words-
that ‘food’ of masses, the mind of ‘heards’.
A little wiser, I finally went ‘Within’
free of false shackles of ‘Guilt’ and ‘Sin’,
binding beliefs and the rule of Fear
that causes such great suffering here.
May others look at my life and find
a humble Spirit, loving and kind.
May Wisdom’s Beauty find expression
despite my Intellect’s ‘indigestion’.

Shelley Wilson—July 9, 2018

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley