Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces

“So many puzzle pieces to puzzle over,” Violet declares as she attempts to figure out what’s on the table. She glances at the pieces still in the box too. “Hope they’re all here!” she says with a sigh.
“Let me see now”…
‘Turn the Other Cheek’/ ‘Soldiers of God’/ Compassion of Jesus/ Unconditional Love/ ‘Let the Little Children…’/ The Golden Rule/ Residential Schools/ Paedophile Practices/ Gospels of Love/ Internment Camps/ Historical Records/ Unquestioning Faith/ Needy But All-Powerful Deity/ Scriptural Contracts To Wage War/ Races At War/ Religions At War/ 911/ Genocides/ ‘Sub-rosa’ Secrets/ Global Domination/ Checkerboard Floors/ Vows of Obedience/ ‘Eye of the Needle…’/ Riches/ Vast Church Wealth/ Exoduses To Freedom/ Strict Binding Laws/ ‘Elect-ism’/ ‘Elitism’/ ‘Racism’/ Equal Arm Crosses/ Flaming Crosses/ Pointy Medieval Hats Hiding Faces/ KKK/ Nazis/ Military Industrial Complex/ ‘The Black Robes’ or ‘Men In Black’/ ‘Angels’- ‘Aliens’-‘AngelAliens’/ ‘Miracles’/ ‘Majic Technologies/ Man-made Spacecraft/ ET Spacecraft/ ‘Stagecraft’-Staged Events/ Clones/ Robots/ Implants/ ‘All-seeing Surveillance Eye’/ Weather Warfare Technology/ Time Travel/ Astral Travel/ ‘Illuminati’/ Secret Agendas/ Rituals and Initiations/ Psychological Warfare/ ‘Info-Wars’/ Apathy/ Disruptive Frequencies/ Volcanic Rage/ Violence/ Pollution/ ‘Black Gold’/ Cartels/ Brainwashing/ Lower Astral Beings/ Higher Astral Beings/ Spiritual Beings/Evolutions/ Revolutions/ Question: Who Funds the World’s Wars?/ Question: Who Profits From the World’s Wars?/ Question: Who Has Over 90% of the World’s Resources and Wealth?/ ‘Our Father Who…’/ ‘Bless Those Who Hate You and…’/ Exploitation/ Depopulation/ ‘Know Ye Not…’/ Divine Love/ The Divine Light/ Healing/ Blessing/…
“So many!” she says, glancing once more at all The Ones In The Box.

Puzzled Too: Shelley Audrey Wilson-August 31, 2018


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