Because We’re All One

Because We’re All One

Because we’re all one,
what I do to you
and what you do to me
affects all life on Earth
and everywhere beyond
by who we choose to be,
by what we choose to be,
by how we choose to be
in-forming Life Itself,
expressing our Life Energy.
Everything’s connected.
Death’s just a change of ‘clothes’.
We’re wearing our creations
in God’s own fashioned shows,
our evolving creations,
forms wondrous and diverse
throughout the many layers
of this Grand Universe.
Everything’s evolving
including you and me.
Nothing stops the Process
of All That’s truly free
even when it seems
joy is just in dreams.
Everything has purpose.
Adversity ‘awakens’ us too.
Shadow fears must leave us
when Light is strong and clear.
Into the Light they go.
Into Love’s Light they must go.
By opening our Vision
we see that we’re all one,
ever and always One
expressing Life’s own Energy
because we’re all ways One.

(September 18, 2018 – Shelley Audrey Wilson)


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