The Divine Light

The Divine Light

God press upon me the words of healing

for all who are bound in the spell of indifference

to the sufferings of all beings everywhere-

for all who are lost in darkest delusions

of domination, superiority, and harmfulness-

for all who are broken in mind, heart, and body

whether of this world or others anywhere.

Are words strong enough, effective enough?

I leave words behind and sit in silence.

I leave thoughts behind to feel the way deep within.

Awareness awakens. I summon courage to press on.

I see a golden circle of radiant light.

Then I pass through and into white light.

This living light is pure love. Love itself.

No forms appear. Only the light of love

beyond imagining, beyond measure,

unconditional, all embracing divine love.

I merge and re-emerge in a timeless moment.

The energy is so strong my atoms sing,

my heart overflows with joy, my mind becomes peace.

Then I know. Healing is not in the words.

It is simply in being, in remembering

that divine love, that divine presence in us,

deep within all beings and everything everywhere.

Great changes and challenges are upon us.

Take courage. Be still and go within.

(November 15, 2018- Shelley A. Wilson)


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