Poet By Nature

Poet By Nature

Writing poetry comes as naturally to me as to any bird that ‘sings its songs’ with or without resonating responses.

It truly doesn’t matter to me if my poetry is judged ‘bad’ or ‘good’, read with indifference or not read at all. I’ll keep ‘singing my heart out’ regardless.

It is my nature to explore a range of expressive frequencies, tones and tempos, as well. Sometimes I imagine a poem I’ve written carries like the melodic music of a robin…or the piercing, shrill cries of a hawk… the haunting echoes of a loon… the high pitched piping of an eagle… the electrical pulsations of a hummingbird…the bold warning caws of a crow…the strange tweets of an unknown bird…the distant ‘sound memories’ of a great auk…

I don’t imagine my poems as being ‘caged’. I have learned the rules of educated poetry and grammar, and then happily freed myself of them. Freedom is living divinely. Poetry gives us ethereal wings.

I have no need to ‘sing for my supper’ in cage-like contracts- the modern way of making a living by writing and speaking poetry, especially those called ‘lyrics’. I am deeply grateful to myself for not aspiring to that, while sincerely honouring those who do and those who do it well in my view.

Many years of reading what I perceive as ‘great’ and ‘not so great’ poetry has enriched my life experience here but I prefer to just humbly create my own.

I know with soul-certainty that I have expressed my nature as a poet (whether in male or female form) in many lifetimes. Whatever language used, wherever I am, I will simply write my poetry through many more as I continue to evolve and co-create with my loving Creator- the ultimate source of all poetry, poets, and All That Is.

(Shelley A. Wilson- February 23, 2019)


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