Make Up

Make Up
When I apply cosmetics to ‘make up’ my face, I feel more ‘myself’. I must have been one of those ancient alien gods whose life-form naturally had ‘eyeliner’ around our eyes from birth. These were the gods who the ancient Egyptians and others imitated with their adornments and ‘magic eyes’- as do women around the globe even today.

Ah, perhaps you don’t believe in ‘the gods’? Well, Jesus said ‘ye are gods and all of you are children of the Most High’ when he quoted more ancient Judaic scriptures. ‘Ye are gods…’ The first response most people make is vehement denial (denial then ridicule or worse)- denial of their own divinity, the divinity of Humanity and all evolving Creation.

For some, only ‘special’ or ‘chosen’ people are ‘divine’. The rest of us are ‘dirt under their feet’ and ‘unworthy’- even so ‘unworthy’ as to deny the presence and glory of Life within us that all manner of things are done to and by us to ‘prove’ that denial as our reality.

Of course, we are all ‘making up’ our realities, our rules, our systems, our collective and personal lives. We are even ‘making up’ our own versions of God and what we think God ‘wants’ as if the Prime Creator of all ‘wants and needs’ anything. Woe be to anyone who disagrees with ‘our version’, for we humans have a long history as a species of persecuting, torturing and/or killing anyone with a ‘different version’. How ‘civilized’ is that? Not!!!

Perhaps my ‘ancient eyes’ see differently than yours now. So be it. I wish you Peace as I happily apply ‘make up’ once again.

(Shelley A. Wilson- March 9, 2019)


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