Hello Spring

Hello Spring
Hello Spring! I’m so delighted you’ve come to stay with us for a while. Your presence here is welcome in my heart, my home, and everywhere I go. You’ve made a brilliant entrance on this longed for warm and sunny day. I’ve put away my Winter wear. Now I’m breathing in your sweet, clean air as I sit here outside my door watching the grass grow.

The wee groupings of bright yellow Daffodils have opened themselves to show their pretty faces to me. Are those the faint sounds of child-like giggles I just heard?

Earlier this morning as I sat outside with my cup of tea, I enjoyed hearing a very small Frog with a very loud voice inviting others to its lovely pond home. A movement in the sky caused me to look up where an Eagle was circling and soaring high above. Then a Raven drew my attention as it flew out of the woods to a nearby tree. I admired its beautiful black plumage as it perched on a sturdy branch. It stared intently at me and began to make all kinds of fascinating sounds. Perhaps on some deeper level I understood that strange and foreign language. Perhaps it was simply announcing your gracious presence to its home as well.

When the Raven departed I turned to look at a clump of Pampas Grass. I’d combed those long strands of Pampas to remove the dead from the living so new growth could thrive. A gentle Breeze passed through. Its touch felt refreshingly cool on my skin. It lifted my long hair to dance in the air. It tickled the Pampas too, making its strands dance about. Was that a faint, strange laughter I heard then?
Then a ‘whoosh’ sound came from the woods. I caught sight of an Owl in flight. Minutes later, I heard its hooting voice among the tall trees. Was it announcing your arrival too, beautiful Spring?

With a fresh cup of tea in hand, I sat by the warmed garden rocks facing the gnarly Garry Oaks, showy Arbutus, and lofty Douglas Fir wondering ‘What next?’

A sudden movement revealed a Western Skink darting swiftly across the road to sunlit rocks on the other side. I slowly sipped my tea as another one raced across to the woods as well. A third Reptile appeared on a mossy rock three feet away from me. This little Lizard climbed higher, stopped a moment, moved further, then stopped still to stare silently at me for several minutes. I didn’t move either, staring back at it curiously. I felt its curiosity to be stronger than its instinctive fear. If our sizes were reversed, would I feel the same I wondered. Would I be so brave?

Well, now that you’re here, wondrous Spring, I will have more adventures and so much more to wonder about too.

(Shelley A. Wilson- March 20, 2019)


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