An Ordinary Life

An Ordinary Life

So here I am about to turn 69 years old soon. Before jumping boldly into the next decade, I plan to clearly and honestly evaluate my earthly years on this little planet rolling bravely around our vast, cosmic neighbourhood.

Unless crazed false witnesses testify otherwise, many would say I’ve lived a very ordinary life. I agree.

No claims to personal fame or fortune. No brushes with The Law. No great achievements. No dark secrets and nothing to hide.

I’ve lived a humble, quiet and peaceful life with just enough tastes of solitude to keep me balanced.

My childhood was envied by all the other children of our neighbourhood in Kirkland Lake because of the love that supported my growth in a healthy family life. When I married, my husband and I did the same for our two children growing up in Englehart as well.

As children, my siblings and I, then my children, all had ‘free rein’ to explore these small Northeastern Ontario towns- free to experience unplanned outdoor adventures in all seasons. No internet. No computer games or social media. No cell phones. No texting or location services. No surveillance cameras everywhere. Trust was a given unless evidence proved beyond doubt…

Those were friendlier, less suspicious, less fearful and invasive times for Canadian adults and children, at least where we lived. There were more genuine smiles, more patience and politeness shown in everyday public interactions wherever we went. Going to school wasn’t life-threatening. Violence as entertainment was less ‘real’, less ‘gruesome’, less ‘effective’ in psychologically shaping character and behaviours. Growing up, my friends and I never wanted to be ‘the bad guy’. It’s a different world now.

I’ve read a lot. Perhaps whole libraries. Children’s Literature. Fairy Tales. School Texts on various subjects. Then came Adult Literature. World Religions and Scriptures. World Philosophies. Sciences. Fictions. Arts and Crafts. It was all quite a feast.

I’ve always been artistic. No master of any particular art form, I consider myself a life-long ‘explorer’ of many fine arts and crafts. Poetry has ever been my favourite form of artistic self-expression but I can only ‘aspire’ to mastery in that as well. No matter. I love being creative and have found a meditative, peaceful joy in these common activities shared by so many.

I do so love my long and ordinary life.

(Shelley A. Wilson- March 27, 2019)

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