You Are Light Dancing

You are Light dancing…


True Illuminati and The Lost

True Illuminati and The Lost

Like stars by night and sun by day,

may Loving-kindness light your way

where lost souls feed on fear and pain

creating dark worlds gone mad, insane

with grief, revenge, hate and blame,

greed and guilt and sickened shame.

Tears and terrors, screams and horrors,

staged life-dramas for maximum traumas,

such are their Harvests of Fears in our world

lost in violent, primitive ‘entertainments’,

tortures and torments, oppressions, suppressions,

intentional confusions, deceptions and lies.

The true Light is Pure Love-

Love ever kind, gentle, strong and wise.

Illumination, that Light of Love, shines through

in everything loving souls say and do.

Lost souls, here and in other dimensions,

need our loving help and interventions.

See through their layered, false disguises.

See through their fears, their own deepest fears,

projected illusions, psychic warfare illusions,

fearful sounds and shock-value sights,

abuses of power, twisted technologies,

deadened conscience, Nature’s frequencies altered.

These are ever the criminal weapons of war

used now in our age and long before-

dark sciences, dark arts, dark deeds.

Evil needs to feed on Life Energy not its own.

Denying Life, it becomes a parasitic force grown

by harvesting fear as it’s wilfully sown.

Cycles of suffering. Feasts of death, destruction, wrath.

Another Wave of Light has come to show the way.

We’re here now to change the paradigm

in this reality of spacetime- space and time.

We’ve come to Earth from far and wide

to advance our Evolutions here, a Wave

to change the deadly tide-spell of dark magic

only true Love’s presence has power to dispel.

We’re all meant to be whole, healthy and well.

The presence of Love illuminates.

The power of Love simply creates

solutions where none were seen before.

Beliefs in ‘eternal damnation’ and gods of wrath

can now be seen to belong to a primitive past.

We can all step into Grace and Freedom at long last.

All species, all beings with or without bodily form,

all beings began from Prime Source,

Mystery and Manifested, one in God’s sight.

It’s time to advance, to lead lost souls back

to their own divine and inner Light,

their soul’s inherent glory and right

(long hidden, robbed, forgotten, denied)

to rise and shine again once more

illuminated, reunited, blessing and blessed

in Freedom and Love, God’s glorious Light,

powerful, clear, wondrous and bright.

(Shelley A. Wilson- April 6, 2019)