Remembering The Dead

“We weep the loss of those held dear.

We hold their memory with our tears,

with flowers and stones

that honour their names,

releasing their bodies to earth,

to water, to air and to flames.

We note the dates of their births and deaths

with comforting words to those they’ve left.

Were they loving? Were they kind?

What were the things they left behind?

How did they define their life and worth?

We celebrate and mourn with grief

repeating inherited or chosen beliefs

as words of power to banish fears-

knowing our turn,too, is drawing near.

Were we loving? Were we kind?

What were the things we left behind?

What defined our values and our worth

co-creating our life on Earth?”

(excerpt from Those Held Dear

a poem I wrote in June 2013)

Shelley A. Wilson


Courage (Revised Revision)

When dread of danger haunts you here,

when terror and trauma stalk your days,

remember your Spirit’s many ways

of guiding you out of a world of fear…

Disregard hatred’s many violent voices

of death and destruction far or near.

Walk with what you hold most dear

of Life, of Love, of Freedom’s choices…

Show others a different way to fight

fear’s intolerance and aggression’s greed,

unquestioned beliefs and delusional need,

endless wars of sorrow, grief and fright…

With free and living souls unite

beyond borders of races and nations,

politics, religions and social stations.

Transform humanity’s desperate plight…

Be a guiding light of priceless worth

when dark deeds fill Earth’s nights and days.

Remember reverence for Life always…

Be the courage to free and bless all Earth!

(May 2004- Jan. 2018- Oct. 2019)

Shelley A. Wilson

Machine World

The Robot told me

“You are simply numbers

and key words,

frequencies and patterns,

consumers and collectors

of our Technology.

You watched slowly

but didn’t see

how swiftly and completely

we dominated you-

‘Collateral Damage’

in our Quiet Revolution-

A. I. replacing H. I.

in our Machine World. ”

(October 9, 2019-

Shelley A. Wilson)