God help us

save ourselves

from the politics

of crocodiles,

depopulation agendas,

virus wars,

resource wars,

weather wars,

a world without

conscience or freedoms

in the death

of our humanity.

(March 29, 2020-

Shelley Wilson)


Quick Reset

Hush. Hush.

For a moment, go within.

Close the curtains on your eyes.

Breathe belly deep. Breathe deep.

Stop the strident voices of alarm

in the computer of your mind.

Turn off the programmed brain.

Pull the plug on fear.

Breathe deep. Breathe belly deep.

Plug in to all that’s calm and kind

in a loving heart and mind

to face the World again.

(March 26, 2020- Shelley Wilson)

Viral Fear

We can fight viral fear

of things we see and hear.

All that we say and do

spreads to other lives too.

When panic switches turn on

Courage and Caring stand strong

or swiftly move with grace

in calm and measured pace.

All that we hold dear

need not be lost through fear.

(March 21, 2020- Shelley Wilson)