Thousand To Zero Calorie Poems

Some poems are easy to eat

candied words sour or sweet.

Some poems are simply baby mush,

others cooked to make the genteel blush.

Some poems herb and spice the mind,

words healing, caring, loving, kind.

Some taste tainted by greed and deceit.

Others are the challenge of tough meat

hard to chew… Swallow or Spit?

Nutritious food or processed shit?

Some poems are savoured ‘scriptures’-

favoured recipes reverentially passed on

with communal blessings and sacred song.

Cultures create lyrical ‘dishes’- rhyming songs.

Religions ‘en-chant’ with chants, prayers, psalms-

tasting the power of the spoken Word

sanctified, deified, translated, Heard.

Some poems are aromatic invitations to dine-

imaginative feasts with charms of wine.

Some are a strange Language, even one’s own,

mysterious metaphors, offerings unknown

from another time or this, as in a dream…

What does it mean? What does it mean?

(March 6, 2020- Shelley Wilson)


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