An Ancient Mafia

Dressed in modern, fashionable clothes,

an ancient ‘mafia’ entertains itself

with symbolism, ritualism and power games

like black and white chessboards of life and death

played around our sick and gasping Earth.

There is no vile evil it will not do,

this global ‘family’ that ever feasts

on horrors of blood and sacrifice.

Infant religions were bought long ago

to ‘indulge’ their lists, to ‘forgive’ and ‘justify’

their many centuries of countless sins.

Deception, Confusion and Corruption

are ever their ‘modus operandi’,

these wicked tricksters, dark shadows,

polluting spellbound hearts and minds.

Their dead are pathetic energy-vampires.

Starving for the Life-Force,

that Holy Light of God so long denied,

they invade the living, day and night,

terrifying, tormenting and torturing-

creating traumas of fear to feed-

creating illusions, lies and delusional hells.

This global madness can go on and on…

Or… we who stand in God’s Light and Love

can reveal, dis-spell and awaken all.

A happier, healthier World of wonders awaits!

(May 20, 2020- Shelley Wilson)


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