No, I don’t like the trendy, empty likes

littering language young girls use-

(like he said, like she said,

like you know what I mean?)

but I do like the likes writers choose-

(she felt his voice like a soft Spring breeze)

descriptive or designed to amuse.

Yes, I do like the likes of website likes-

agreements with views,

acknowledgments of news,

pleasures of beauty to share-

stars and hearts to show we care.

There are so many empty hearts waiting…

to fill… even liking the likes of you.

Like it or not but it’s also true…

Our machines message, compute and analyze

every word, number, image,

every thought expressed-

every like (or not) we all do.

This is the age of transparency

and often voluntary vulnerability too.

(June 9, 2020- Shelley Wilson)


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