What Are We Choosing?


Stolen Identity

I wondered why I dream so often of having my purse and I. D. stolen and now it appears the later is true.

My Instagram site is @flowerpoetshelley where I’ve enjoyed posting photos and comments for a few years now.

Today my daughter’s Instagram was contacted with someone posing as me using my photo and an add on underscore to my user name. Is being targeted by imposters a common occurrence on social media now?

My hope is that anyone who reads my posts will see the deception and report it to the site where it appears.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery but deception is not.

Magicians’ Tricks

Eyes on the deadly Covids,

we do not count the global Cancer deaths

from what we eat and drink and breathe.

Eyes fail to follow the links

of climate changing storms and droughts

covert geo-engineering seeds.

Pandemics of lies and deceit

trick minds to what they see

as Nature’s way or the will of God

with our acceptance of ‘new norms’.

We watch the tricks that conjure traumas

in which dark forces feed on

our suffering, pain and grief

yet do not understand.

We are entertained, mesmerized

and numbed by cults of death,

by powers of arts and sciences abused.

We are as children among Magicians.

(Shelley Audrey Wilson-

August 21, 2020)

The Statue of Emily Carr

‘Who remembers their names,

the ones who laughed at you’,

I said to Emily and her statue

beside the trees, beneath the stars,

on a busy street of passing cars.

You dared to be different.

You chose a different path.

While others desecrated graves,

you honoured the Sacred Totems

of First Nations with your Art.

A disrespected People then,

their Carving Art had stopped

‘midst taunting laughter too.

You saved the falling Totems

in the only way you knew,

painting by day and night

their Heritage and Spirit true.

(Shelley Audrey Wilson-

August 18, 2020)

I Love Being Old

I love my being old

with life yet to unfold

and stories still untold.

I do not mourn my youth.

Gone are its fit-in follies,

its struggles and its troubles.

I smile and bless it all,

each year a gift to me.

It’s great now being old-

I wear my body now

a different shape and size,

battle-scarred with age-

a treasure chest to hold

the gifts I have within.

I’ve lived so many lives

in every shape and size.

I’ve often died in youth.

Now I love being old

with life yet to unfold

and stories still untold.

(Shelley Audrey Wilson-

August 16, 2020)