Everything Is Connected

Everything is connected. When Earth is sick, we humans and all species here are sick too. Earth’s air we breathe, Earth’s water we drink, Earth’s soil that nurtures our food- even the light of the Sun that gives Earth life destroys our life-forms too.

It’s all connected. Those things unseen- organisms and subtle energies of Nature- even unseen entities who prey on humans through fears and every weakness- who puppet so many human lives- those energy vampires who forget or defy return to God’s light are all connected too.

Everything is interconnected. Geo-engineered weather, chemicals and particulates, human error and natural causes that set the world on fire… military, industrial, political, religious and psychic or technological warfare, our individual and collective choices and consequences- it’s all connected. All Earth needs healing – all. We must find or create solutions for the well-being of all because we deeply care. And we will.

Wave upon wave, we’ll come in human form through birth canals and tunnels of time to heal this species and this Earth. Wave upon wave, we’ll come from everywhere. Some may fall yet soon return wiser for what was learned. Wave upon wave, we’ll come until Love’s Light has won. Everything is connected. The Earth and Universe are one.

(September 19, 2020-

Shelley Wilson)


It Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter

if you deem it absurd.

World Killers are culling

Earth’s diverse life-forms

(and even the ‘Human Herd’)

polluting our whole planet

with informational garbage

and virulent hate,

all the while blaming

Nature, God, Karma and Fate.

It doesn’t matter

if you choose to deny

that confirmed Climate Change

actually means Climate Collapse.

You don’t want to know

the How or the Why.

Engineered Weather…

Why does that surprise?

Geo-engineering is a fact…

the ‘elephant in the room’…

the Medias’ silent pact…

Weather War- the daily news

yet still firmly denied

through filtered views.

When Fear is in control,

Fear leads and follows all.

These are such days

that we are each called

to move beyond uncaring ways

of thinking, feeling, acting now.

It doesn’t matter

when you are dead

but it really matters now.

(Sept. 15, 2020- Shelley Wilson)


No crazy TV for me.

Why would I pay to see

a flood of ads

repeat, repeat, repeat

and everyone’s an actor-

the ‘would be’ and the bore,

the idiot next door-

all versions of fake Reality

stripped of any quality

worth time or energy,

dumbing down intelligence,

lacking values or common sense.

Why would I need to feed

growing dark Monsters of Greed

degrading and shocking our lives,

gone crazy in our world.

(September 10, 2020-

Shelley Wilson)

A Stream of Clear Water Below

May our subconscious minds flow through us like a stream of clear water below.

We are all more telepathic and psychologically influenced than we truly know.

More than consumers and feeders, mere subjects and breeders, we are spiritual beings in a multi-layered universe of duality.

Through the moving spectrums of realities between the polarities, our souls freely roam.

Though still, eternity is an ever-changing flow where no experience lasts forever- moving all to understand our oneness, creating and reaping experiences as we sow or challenging ourselves to self-mastery.

Some souls wear crowns of bright ethereal light in glory as they journey back to Home either to visit or to stay.

Some souls lose their way and feed like parasites on the energy of others.

They hide in the darkness of fears creating torments and tears until they finally choose to go back into the glorious stream of Life, Life’s wondrous stream of Light.

(September 4, 2020-

Shelley A. Wilson)