A Stream of Clear Water Below

May our subconscious minds flow through us like a stream of clear water below.

We are all more telepathic and psychologically influenced than we truly know.

More than consumers and feeders, mere subjects and breeders, we are spiritual beings in a multi-layered universe of duality.

Through the moving spectrums of realities between the polarities, our souls freely roam.

Though still, eternity is an ever-changing flow where no experience lasts forever- moving all to understand our oneness, creating and reaping experiences as we sow or challenging ourselves to self-mastery.

Some souls wear crowns of bright ethereal light in glory as they journey back to Home either to visit or to stay.

Some souls lose their way and feed like parasites on the energy of others.

They hide in the darkness of fears creating torments and tears until they finally choose to go back into the glorious stream of Life, Life’s wondrous stream of Light.

(September 4, 2020-

Shelley A. Wilson)


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