It Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter

if you deem it absurd.

World Killers are culling

Earth’s diverse life-forms

(and even the ‘Human Herd’)

polluting our whole planet

with informational garbage

and virulent hate,

all the while blaming

Nature, God, Karma and Fate.

It doesn’t matter

if you choose to deny

that confirmed Climate Change

actually means Climate Collapse.

You don’t want to know

the How or the Why.

Engineered Weather…

Why does that surprise?

Geo-engineering is a fact…

the ‘elephant in the room’…

the Medias’ silent pact…

Weather War- the daily news

yet still firmly denied

through filtered views.

When Fear is in control,

Fear leads and follows all.

These are such days

that we are each called

to move beyond uncaring ways

of thinking, feeling, acting now.

It doesn’t matter

when you are dead

but it really matters now.

(Sept. 15, 2020- Shelley Wilson)


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