Everything Is Connected

Everything is connected. When Earth is sick, we humans and all species here are sick too. Earth’s air we breathe, Earth’s water we drink, Earth’s soil that nurtures our food- even the light of the Sun that gives Earth life destroys our life-forms too.

It’s all connected. Those things unseen- organisms and subtle energies of Nature- even unseen entities who prey on humans through fears and every weakness- who puppet so many human lives- those energy vampires who forget or defy return to God’s light are all connected too.

Everything is interconnected. Geo-engineered weather, chemicals and particulates, human error and natural causes that set the world on fire… military, industrial, political, religious and psychic or technological warfare, our individual and collective choices and consequences- it’s all connected. All Earth needs healing – all. We must find or create solutions for the well-being of all because we deeply care. And we will.

Wave upon wave, we’ll come in human form through birth canals and tunnels of time to heal this species and this Earth. Wave upon wave, we’ll come from everywhere. Some may fall yet soon return wiser for what was learned. Wave upon wave, we’ll come until Love’s Light has won. Everything is connected. The Earth and Universe are one.

(September 19, 2020-

Shelley Wilson)


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