Forward. A poem in 9 parts.



By all that is bright and beautiful

of the Human Heart and Mind

expressing Life’s True Light-

Loving, Caring, Kind-

we must move forward

Man’s Evolution now.

The Earth is weary of Man

and our Shadows who feed

on Horrors of Pain and Fear,

their Insatiable Need

and Glutinous Greed

for the Horrors of Pain and Fear.

For us to advance,

‘they’ must now go back

to God’s Grace and Heaven’s Light,

our preying Shadows of unGodly ‘Hells’,

Dark Magic Illusions,

Separation, Confusion,

Misunderstandings and Lies.

We need only ask and trust

God’s help in their return

to Source, to Grace, to Light.

We must call upon

every Being of Light

to help in their return.

Then Humanity can grow

and freely let go

what binds, divides and harms-

what leads our World to Wars…

Prejudices, Intolerances,

Lust for Blood and Power,

Dominance, Greed,

Primitive Beliefs that lead

to Conflicts, Aggressions,

Subjugations, Genocides,

Persecutions and Deaths,

Needless Sacrifices

and Enslavement

of Man and Beast,

Diasporas, Forced Migrations,

Extinctions of Species,

Deadly Pollutions,

Death Cults of Life Haters…

All Life on Earth

suffers greatly

through the Dark Shadows

ruling the Minds of Man.

Our World History

bleeds even today

from Unevolved Man-

Male and Female ‘Man’.

We can be so much more

than ever before.

We can be so much more!

(October 30, 2020- Shelley Wilson)



No Leader leads without support.

Love them or hate them,

they’re reflecting mirrors, all.

Pleased or not by what we see

as clear and true vision

or beliefs that distort,

Leaders reflect and inform

through confusion or clarity

the state of our humanity.

Collectively, individually,

all Leaders show us too

in everything they say and do

the best and worst that we can be.

They show us our Humanity.

(October 27, 2020- Shelley Wilson)

Dotted Rocks

Dotted Rocks…

An avalanche

of dotted rocks

swiftly descends

from passing trends

to bury some

artists alive.

Their dotty ghosts

are sometimes seen

painting great art

that might have been.

I laugh and sigh

in knowing why

they fell beneath

such passing trends.

Shall I now paint

this rock I hold

and strive to turn

rock into gold?


Shelley Wilson)

Another Great War?

We learn by the things we suffer

though it need not ever be so

when paths of beauty, joy and wonder

beckon to change our primitive thinking

and just let old paradigms go.

That which hurts and divides with conflict

never profits Humanity as a whole,

neither its body nor its soul.

We can let go the selfish, immature ‘I’

and the fearful ‘Eye’ of ancient religions-

gods of judgments, wrath and revenge,

false promises and mountains of lies…

We can grow as a Species in unity

and glory in Life’s great diversity.

We can put our shadows behind us

and shine our true Light with the Sun.

(October 15, 2020- Shelley Wilson)

Ignoring The Signs

I watch from my window. Two small flags on a sign warn to slow down and beware on the road routinely used by travellers. Ahead, another sign reads Road Closed. Beside it are two bright cones blocking half the road as well. (Just beyond, there’s a limited access to a short dead-end street where few people live.) Before the Road Closed sign is a Detour sign. It points to another way to go. Sometimes a person is there to also point out the alternative; sometimes not.

Watching from my window, I observe and ponder this multi-faceted metaphor before me. I am surprised and amazed at how many people choose to ignore all the signs. This is the way, the only way for them, especially when others ahead lead to the dead-end as well. Have I over-estimated the intelligence of humans?

(October 9, 2020- Shelley Wilson)