Ignoring The Signs

I watch from my window. Two small flags on a sign warn to slow down and beware on the road routinely used by travellers. Ahead, another sign reads Road Closed. Beside it are two bright cones blocking half the road as well. (Just beyond, there’s a limited access to a short dead-end street where few people live.) Before the Road Closed sign is a Detour sign. It points to another way to go. Sometimes a person is there to also point out the alternative; sometimes not.

Watching from my window, I observe and ponder this multi-faceted metaphor before me. I am surprised and amazed at how many people choose to ignore all the signs. This is the way, the only way for them, especially when others ahead lead to the dead-end as well. Have I over-estimated the intelligence of humans?

(October 9, 2020- Shelley Wilson)


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