That War and Others

We are a primitive species continually fighting wars on our precious, little planet.

This is Canada’s Remembrance Day 2020. This morning I remembered a poem written by a Canadian physician Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae in May 1915 after the death of a friend. My Grandmother wrote it in her autograph book in 1919. She had served as a volunteer in a hospital for wounded soldiers in Leeds where she met my Grandfather.

We easily forget the horrors of war and are led like sheep to slaughter over and over again. Those not killed carry the memories and cellular memories through their descendants.

Everyone believes they have ‘just cause’ in every war. Those beings who choose to not go to the Light feast on the energy of fear and the suffering of the living. They are the unseen influences that prey on our species in scripturally described feasts of wrath, blood and revenge.

The inevitable result of wars is that those who arm one or both sides or all sides become richer and more powerful. Sometimes one elite simply replaces another as in all revolutions. Then history shows us that corruption thrives once again with those in power.

The chess board of war games has been played far too long. It’s time to value Life and stop this primitive behaviour as we evolve.

In Flanders Fields

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