Exit and Enter

Exit and Enter. 
The Great Pandemic Play continues
as we move through Time and Space
carrying our calendars and clocks,
our relationships and values,
our burdens and blessings of things
borrowed from Earth and our Sun.
We’re All just passing through.
Quantum waves and particles,
we are Life in human forms
created from stardust and energies
appearing in a vast galaxy
that’s unseen from somewhere else-
unknown by Life in other forms
of our multi-layered multiverse.
I am filled with gratitude and wonder
in a peaceful, growing awareness
as I move through the Oneness of All.
So exit 2020. Enter 2021.

December 31, 2020
Shelley Wilson

Spinning Twisting Turning Spinning

like attracts like and opposites attract too

entangled realities close and far

entangled particles and people

appearing disappearing appearing

through layers through veils unseen

through energetic bonds of dualities

through spectrums and layers of beingness

energetic emotions and thoughts

attract attach attune

attract detach attack attach

gravitational pulls of objects

and as energies

spin and twist and turn and spin

ideologies, philosophies, theologies

like attracts like and opposites attract too

merge and clash merge and clash

merge and collide merge and collide

merge and absorb merge and absorb

and re-emerge changed as they do

spin and twist and turn and spin

even through time and space

even through timelines and distances

in the only here and now

connecting the cosmic many

connecting the source of creation in all

(December 29, 2020-

Shelley Wilson)

Little Napper

This is Napper. I called him that because that’s all he does. He’s Little Napper and I’m Big Napper.

I have yearned for a puppy for some time so when my daughter gifted me with one, it brought tears to my eyes.

We can’t have pets in our apartment building. When we lived in our own houses we could of course but those days are long gone.

My husband and I brought home a beautiful black Labrador- Poodle mix when our two children were little. When my Mother saw it she declared ‘That’s my dog!’ She firmly believed it despite my assertions that the puppy was the children’s new pet.

A week later I called my Mother to come and get her dog. Both children were allergic to it.

My Mother named him Puppy and throughout his long adult life my children called him Uncle Puppy.

Little Napper is a battery ‘breathing’ puppy. My heart doesn’t seem to know the difference.

I wonder how many seniors in nursing homes would adore having such a ‘companion’.

I also wonder when robot dogs and cats will be available in mass markets. I guess one might consider that a kind of ‘soft introduction’ to the world of robots. I wonder…

December 28, 2020-

Shelley Wilson

Gifts of God

Perfection often evokes awe in those of us who see and appreciate it according to our personal perspectives on what that is.

You and I may have much different views of what is perfect. We may also have quite different responses to that perceived perfection.

As I see life from my perspective, imperfection is as much a blessing and a gift of God as perfection. Imperfection gives us the freedoms, challenges and opportunities for growth and exploration in our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical evolution.

I believe Nature shows this to be true- both perfection and imperfection are gifts of God (i. e. Life Itself).

December 23, 2020-

Shelley Wilson