Fun With Cell Phone Photography


Romance of Place

Just having some fun with my cell phone tech. As a retired person, I often wake up early and nap later, so today was no exception.

Sitting at the table with my coffee, I decided to give myself the simple pleasure of creating ambience through the magic of candlelight with the flowers on our table.

I love what I call ‘Romance of Place’ so I often just create it.

The word ‘romance’ is often used for wooing, some paperback novels or a kind of ‘trade agreement’ between men and women.

I use the words ‘Romance of Place’ to mean ambient, beautiful, magical and enchanting. I rarely find it in restaurants or other public buildings, especially in modern structures, something to enrich our experiences.

Guess I’ll always be a Romantic. Lol!!!


Alone in the still forest,

I sat down to rest

feeling blessed to just be there,

without a thought of earthly care,

amidst the woodland browns and greens

of that lovely, peaceful scene.

The Winter clouds swiftly thickened.

My senses quickened- more alive

to the sky and forest around.

An enchantment fell upon me-

a magic that made me see

the glorious wonder that abounds

in everything, everything around.

In gratitude, I prayed

this magic would never fade.

Then I heard the musical sound

when snowflakes kiss the ground.

(January 30, 2021- Shelley Wilson)


The world of flowers is magical. Flowers of every colour, shape, texture and size enchant the minds and hearts of all who behold their beauty with wonder.

You know when you are more fully alive when you behold Nature in all its diverse forms and expressions with a sense of wonder, reverence, curiosity and deep appreciation.

My daughter brought home some of her favourite flowers recently. Astrantia. The blossoms are usually small and dainty with subtle coloration, not the bright and bigger ‘show girls’ of the flower world. Although an unexpected preference when I learned that Astrantia are her favourites, I now recognize their resonance with her personality. It is indeed true that everything we choose is “a statement of who we are and who we choose to be”.

I took photos and then more photos of these unusually large Astrantia blossoms with my cell phone camera. Then I duplicated some of them to zoom in and show close ups. We folks with reading glasses do love our close ups! After that I played with my text on photo app to give these flowers the name we humans have chosen and agreed to call them so we can communicate what we have chosen. Isn’t naming a wonderful magic in itself!

So here are three photos of Astrantia named and communicated to you using those squiggly lines we call cursive writing. Yes, I still do this symbolic form of writing by hand as well. Do the young still learn to write by hand, I wonder.

Back to the Astrantia. Now I am wondering how a robot would perceive Astrantia. What would a robot do with Astrantia? Would a robot display anything beyond scientific data? Would a robot require a practical purpose for Astrantia for it to be valued in a scientific way? Will robots be programmed for aesthetics? I know some humans who aren’t. Lol!

So here are three photos I’ve been rambling on about.

Are We Listening?

We are all Evolving

Divine Creations

being and becoming…

You are God’s Life.

You are God’s Love.

God is ever

speaking to us.

Are you listening?

Do you hear?

Life Itself is

speaking to you.

Are you listening?

Do you hear?

God ever speaks

the sacred Language

in every form

of Life on Earth,

Nature here

and Life beyond.

The message is

Ever Oneness.

God speaks

through everything,

in all ways,

lovingly, joyfully,

peacefully, freely,

wondrously clear.

Are you listening

with your feelings,

with your senses,

with your mind

and heart and soul?

Are you listening?

Do you hear?

(January 28, 2021-Shelley Wilson)

God Speaks To Me

God speaks to me

in the quiet moments

when I pause my ‘story’,

when I go within,

when I stand in storms,

when I go within.

God speaks to me

as a peaceful feeling,

as a sacred energy

rising from within,

powerful and loving,

from my core within.

God speaks to me

through a loved one’s touch,

through a ‘chance’ encounter,

perfect timing, questions answered,

inspirations, revelations,

resonating clear and true.

God speaks to me

as unseen winds touching skin,

as fragrances of flowers,

as songs of unseen birds

or howls of distant wolves,

and as tastes of all that’s good.

God speaks to me

in the wondrous moments

when I see the distant starlight

and see the Universe as ‘home’,

when I see beauty in expressions

as creative energies freely flow.

God speaks to me

through my days in many ways

as Freedom, Love, Peace and Joy

expressed in feelings and in forms,

in languages of everything,

as simply awesome All That Is.

(January 28, 2021-Shelley Wilson)

Exploring Experiencing Evolving

Exploring, experiencing, evolving my truths, my values,

I am an expression of Life Energy being and becoming,

ever changing forms and eternally moving through the Space-Time Continuum of the Multilayered Physical Realm sequentially and simultaneously,

and the Now Here of the Vast Spiritual Realm,

and into the Divine Singularity between, the Creator Source, the Great Oneness.

I enter and return as a Life Energy being and becoming,

exploring, experiencing, evolving and eventually remembering

the Oneness of All That Is…

January 25, 2021

Shelley Wilson

Like The Weather

Fearful Prophecies and Predictions are like the Weather- Changeable Outcomes of Predicted Probabilities Amidst Possibilities.

Humanity sometimes even intentionally creates fear, and what we believe and fear will happen, like the seeding of clouds- ice nucleation- destructive environmental storms- vegetation and crop damage… as well as psychologically staged dramatic events based on Man’s early beliefs about God and about Life prevalent today, with today’s weapons and technologies as powerful forces of fear.

Do we love Life and Well-being or Destruction and Death???

January 25, 2021

Shelley Wilson

Feeding My Mind

I was a young child when a black and white TV became the focal point of our house.

Until then, all the magic of my youthful mind was found between the covers of library books. I feasted on them, devouring words and images that expanded my world, deepened my understandings and stirred my imagination.

Books were precious and sacred and respected. How I loved to borrow as many as I could at one time and ‘cloister’ in my bedroom to read happily for hours.

First the TV was a charming novelty, a new toy of sound and pictures that sometimes turned to what the adults called ‘snow’. There were two channels then- one English and one French. At a certain time every night, they both signed off.

The children’s and adult’s programs were quite ‘innocent’ by today’s standards. Even the news was far less ‘graphic’. The few ads were ‘tolerable interruptions’. It was a friendly introduction to home media hypnosis that has now ‘progressed’ to an orgy of mind-deadening repetitious ads with moments of entertainment and information between.

From the unsophisticated entertainments to the glamorized comedies and dramas of those early days, then eventually to the fake ‘reality’ shows of amateur actors and badly written ‘scripts’, to the mind twisting horror shows and depravities aimed at immature minds, to the blatant psychological warfare of multiple agendas, to… what next???

About the time of the fake ‘reality’ shows with the amateur actors and the badly written ‘scripts’, I decided to unplug from TV World. Like so many, I turned to the Internet sites for information and entertainment. How quickly that became a cesspool of toxicity here and there with more mental darkness than light available. I ‘walk through’ these like one walks through a mine field to find something of value.

So tonight, I will be reading in my bedroom surrounded by precious books. I will be feasting on words and images I’ve carefully chosen to expand my world, deepen my understandings and stir my imagination.

I am about to savour the true goodness found in the nurturing serenity of quietly reading a book I hold as I happily nourish my mind.

January 24, 2021

Shelley Wilson

Different Choices

I am still in the process of creating my little photo book I call ‘Memos To Myself’ for my loved ones.

I’m making different choices of presenting the same words, the same flower, like the same Soul in a Parallel Life as a different presentation of our Self experiencing different choices in the same Timeline.

Or, like a Repeat Performance of our Same Life in the Same Timeline, creating new effects, impacts, and consequences, New Life Stories, by the simple process of making Different Choices as we evolve in this God Given Free Will Universe.

We are beginning to wake up and remember how wondrously Multi-Dimensional we actually are.

It’s time to leave behind our Humanity’s primitive ideas about God, about Life, about Humanity, about our Self- all the myths of fear and guilt and shame and vengeful judgments- as a child leaves behind scary tales and unlearns rooted thoughts that don’t serve a Life of well-being and healthy mentality.

We need to wake ourselves and each other up from the false and harmfully nightmarish realities we’ve created through Humanity’s early beliefs.

I am waking myself up through connecting to inner knowing and the help of such messages as the ‘Conversations With God’ books by Neale Donald Walsch, as well as many other global awakening Messengers of God, and through an ‘osmosis’ of the Collective Consciousness now making a great Evolutionary Shift.

The Alarm Clock is ringing. It’s Time To Wake Up to who we are as Co-creators with God, Life, and to make Different Choices for a Healthier World.