Different Choices

I am still in the process of creating my little photo book I call ‘Memos To Myself’ for my loved ones.

I’m making different choices of presenting the same words, the same flower, like the same Soul in a Parallel Life as a different presentation of our Self experiencing different choices in the same Timeline.

Or, like a Repeat Performance of our Same Life in the Same Timeline, creating new effects, impacts, and consequences, New Life Stories, by the simple process of making Different Choices as we evolve in this God Given Free Will Universe.

We are beginning to wake up and remember how wondrously Multi-Dimensional we actually are.

It’s time to leave behind our Humanity’s primitive ideas about God, about Life, about Humanity, about our Self- all the myths of fear and guilt and shame and vengeful judgments- as a child leaves behind scary tales and unlearns rooted thoughts that don’t serve a Life of well-being and healthy mentality.

We need to wake ourselves and each other up from the false and harmfully nightmarish realities we’ve created through Humanity’s early beliefs.

I am waking myself up through connecting to inner knowing and the help of such messages as the ‘Conversations With God’ books by Neale Donald Walsch, as well as many other global awakening Messengers of God, and through an ‘osmosis’ of the Collective Consciousness now making a great Evolutionary Shift.

The Alarm Clock is ringing. It’s Time To Wake Up to who we are as Co-creators with God, Life, and to make Different Choices for a Healthier World.


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