Double Daffodils and Ginestra

In sync but not knowing what each other was doing, my daughter Alissa brought home these lovely double blooming Daffodils and fragrant Ginestra, and I brought home this crackled gold globe vase that I bought in a consignment store the same day. I think they work well together like the friends we are.


What Will We Bring?

What will be bring to the heavens

with the sciences of our species

exploring the vast cosmic seas?

Will we bring our human proclivities,

the dark and light of vices and virtues,

versions of God in religions we choose,

‘divine right’ and ‘might is right’

philosophies, commands for exploitation,

violent aggression and domination,

current moralities, hierarchical views?

Will we bring our spiritual tendencies,

compassion, kindness and caring,

curiosity, courage and daring,

expanding awareness, evolving visions

of Life and of who we are?

Will we be just like the other gods

exploring Life among the stars?

(February 22, 2021-

Shelley Wilson)

Weaving Completed

As ever with my weavings, Victoria The Beautiful is not perfect but it’s exactly the way I want it to be. I enjoyed the unhurried and unplanned process. Although I say it’s finished, I think perhaps I will add one or two small scrolls of my poetry and some momentos I’ve yet to gather.

The fringe on the right refers the the colour feelings I identify with this city of Victoria, BC, Canada…calm, cool and collected even in challenging times. The greens represent the mosses, lichens, leaves of trees and shrubs, the pinks and whites of the cherry trees, the purplish pinks of heathers, the yellows of broom blossoms, bright pinks and oranges of the many flowers here, the grey of the sea and sky, the blue and white of the sky on sunny days, the pebbles and rocks of the beaches, the peacock colours I identify as the vibes of this beautiful city…

As I said before, it’s not perfect but it’s exactly the way I want it to be.

The Beauty of Peacocks

God’s creations of splendorous beauty,

living symbols of Eternity…

Handsome Peacocks open to display,

inviting drab hens to come their way

to mate and procreate,

to bring more beauty to this world

of ugly jealousies and insults hurled,

self-righteous moralities, beauty maligned,

Nature oppressed and reasons to find

fault, to deny the wonders of God

revealed in the Peacocks’ eyes…

February 20, 2021

Shelley Wilson

Victoria The Beautiful

Victoria The Beautiful is the name I’ve decided to give my beaded weaving as this city on Vancouver Island is a beautiful place to live.

There are many glorious peacocks in Beacon Hill Park near my home. I always think of these wondrously divine creations when I think of Victoria.

I just have a few finishing touches to do now that the beadwork is done. Then I’ll be able to hang it on our wall if I can find a place. I seem to be running out of space. 🤣

The Magic of Photography

2007-2020 in evolving years of 57 to 70

Photography is magic. Looking back to captured moments through its focused lenses, we are easily transported into the past.

We are drawn into photographs as we relive an event or a take on our everyday lives. Sometimes they evoke emotions in us, feelings that flow shallow or run deep.

When we view photos of ourselves, we become more aware of our ever-changing and continually evolving passage through time.

When we see photos of others, we become more aware of the importance and impact of all our relationships.

A mere glimpse can turn into a deep, reflective gaze, like looking into a crystal ball or scrying mirror at what once was. Even those who have died now stand in our gaze.

There is magic in photography.

February 18, 2021

Shelley Wilson

The World Between

Come. Let’s cross boundaries…

You have nothing to fear as we go.

Let’s walk through gates of definitions

into a glorious, Global Garden of Beauty-

the realm of Arts and Crafts there.

Let’s explore that vast World Between,

where definitions of Fine Arts and Crafts

are sometimes seen to merge and blend…

Let’s walk where aesthetic artistry

and reverent responses to Beauty

send us beyond simple perceptions.

Here are Crafts inspiring imaginations,

stirring emotions to flow…

Here, they meet with Fine Arts too-

those wondrous creations made through

skills, talents, techniques and tools.

Here, Beauty speaks the same language

understood in feelings we all know.

Come. Let’s cross boundaries…

You have nothing to fear as we go.

February 17, 2021

Shelley Wilson

Racial, Religious, Political, Social, Cultural, National

Are we a Civilized Species?

Still prevalent Primitive Beliefs of Racial, Religious, Political, Social, Cultural and National ‘Superiority’ and ‘Domination’ have a long, inhumane history of countless sufferings and persecutions, deaths and destructions on this Earth. These Beliefs continue to lead ‘sheeple’ into violence and slaughter.

We must evolve our understandings of God, of Life, of Nature, of ourselves, to create a more highly evolved Planetary Humanity capable of peaceful interactions with any clearly benign and benevolent Beings of Extra-terrestrial and Inter-dimensional origins (the ‘Heavenly Angels’ of ancient texts).

We need only let go of these still prevalent Primitive Beliefs of ‘Superiority’ and ‘Domination’ by simply transforming our ideas about them, as adults do with childhood stories.

Then Unity with Diversity will be truly realized and celebrated on our Planet in wondrous ways.

February 15, 2021

Shelley Wilson

A Snowflake In The Air

It was Snowing when I decided to go for a walk last Saturday, the day before Valentine’s Day. I had just written my poem, A Single Snowflake, before 8a.m. that morning, and walked with the words still fresh in my mind.

Moving through this rare Snowfall here, it felt like I was walking through my poem.

It was shortly after 11a.m. when I came upon the painted Heart on a sidewalk grate. (Perhaps that’s not the technical term for it but I was feeling grateful to see it, so ‘grate’ it is for me.)

The Heart looked like a Valentine card with its ‘target’ Heart and sliding boot print ‘arrow’. Seizing the moment, I pulled off my mitten and used my cell phone camera to record my delight.

The funny thing is that I didn’t take a good look at the photo until I was about to post and share it through my favourite websites the next day, Valentine’s Day.

There it was, a little fuzzy but unmistakable Snowflake in the air. I wonder if it landed on or near the ‘target’ on the ground.

February 15, 2021

Shelley Wilson

A Single Snowflake

I’m only a single snowflake,

yet part of a greater whole

more than my world of snow.

I dance upon the unseen wind.

I sway and whirl and roll

happily as I now descend

to rest upon the waiting ground.

The wind says that I’ll change

the form that I’m now in.

I’ll melt, evaporate, ascend…

I may become a single drop

of something called the rain,

or even a single snowflake

to dance the spirit wind again.

February 13, 2021

Shelley Wilson

Perspectives, Feelings, Interpretations

Heavy clouds bearing Winter’s messages

move swiftly through the sky

as two people pass each other by,

walking in opposite directions.

The clouds release their snowflakes

to the land and life below.

Irritated, one woman loudly curses

this bitter assault of snow

and the frozen hell she’s living in.

Elated, the other woman quietly blesses

these refreshing snow-kisses on skin

and the beautiful heaven she’s in.

They’re moving through the same information,

translating from different worlds within.

February 11, 2021

Shelley Wilson