I Had A Wish

I had a wish for a white shawl recently. I wondered why, then let it go.

I was remembering a visit to one of my friends in Ontario. She introduced me to her neighbour, a spiritualist and psychic. This lady closely resembled and even naturally gestured like my deceased mother. She also shared my sister’s first name. Like mom, Beverley read tea leaves so I asked her to do mine.

In the reading I was referred to several times as a Polar Bear. This caused me to chuckle because I’d once written a poem ‘My Grandma Was A Bear’. That’s how I saw my father’s mother in her personality, her ways and even her physicality. A Brown Bear. Another upstanding Brown Bear (non-human) even greeted her at her door one day as I recall.

The image of my being seen as a Polar Bear came to mind immediately before I had the wish for the white shawl.

The day after my wish, I decided to take a walk and check out our local consignment store here in the James Bay area of Victoria, BC.

As I waited in line to enter the store, I noticed something white amidst clothing in the window. There it was. A white fleece shawl. When I bought it, the ladies who served me said they’d placed it there just minutes before. They looked incredulous when I remarked that I had a wish for a white shawl the day before and it was obviously meant for me.

To my delight, the shawl has an embroidered West Coast Indigenous design of a white sun with the signature of the artist.

I’ve long had a strong feeling that I’ve had at least one life as a member of the West Coast Indigenous Nations. I truly love and admire the elegant sophistication of their artistry.

The border of the shawl was plainly serged. I felt it needed my personal touch so I added a fringe of yarn purchased on the same day. I had no idea what to do with this unusual yarn when I bought it. (This happens a lot!)

Looking at it now, I feel the fringe is definitely the finishing touch needed to express my nature and my creative spirit.

This Polar Bear With Sun Shawl is my wish come true.


Welcome To Earth

Welcome to Earth, Child.

May you be strong and wise.

May Compassion guide your ways

through the living of your days

here on this Planet of Slaves-

the Have Nots and the Never Enoughs,

this World of need and greed,

this Realm of love and fear.

Know that you brought yourself here,

divine Soul, as have we all, both

Beings of Light and Those Taken Over-

now Shades and Shadows of who they were,

sudden changes of personalities,

now feeding on negative emotional energies.

May you see beyond black and white..

May you see through names and games.

May you be wise and strong

however long you are here.

Welcome to Earth, Child.

(March 24, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

LovEnergy Creations

LovEnergy Creations

Pure Love is the Quantum Mystery.

Pure Love is the Essence, the Energy,

the Creator Creating Creation,

the Source and Substance of you and me.

We are dancing, evolving universes,

vibrations,spectrums and frequencies,

sacred sub-atomic particles, holy waves,

appearing and disappearing mysteries,

divine creations of light,

God’s wondrous projections of light.

We are the Bliss of Pure Love Energy,

Life incarnate in countless forms,

a diversity born of Life’s unity,

infant gods given free will,

standing or falling yet still

ever loved, loved unconditionally-

all creations of Pure Love- LovEnergy.

(March 3, 2021-Shelley Wilson)



Look. Here’s this transparency of identities. Let’s see…

I am Life Itself expressing through this particular form in this particular timeline of the only here and now.

I am the Universe Itself expressing through this physical Body with its particular DNA information, its genetics, its functions, abilities and limitations, with its size, shape, gender and age, communicating through its evolving senses of this evolving human species on this tiny, evolving planet moving through spacetime.

I am Nature’s Intelligence Itself expressing through the filters of this evolving Mind communicating thoughts, ideas, data with its abilities, limitations and fallibilities, with its ego, character, personality, personal preferences, its electro-magnetic connectivity and vibratory frequencies, with its evolving awareness and understandings.

I am the Spirit of Everything expressing through this individualized Soul Consciousness as a creative being with many aspects, communicating intuitions and insights in a universal language of feelings and images, co-creating with the Creator of all in all the wondrous diversity and oneness of Life.

I am all these identities yet when I let go my triune nature of Body, Mind, Soul, then I merge with the Essence of All That Is in the divine, integrating experience of who I truly am in the center of my eternally changing identities.

Yes, I am all this and so are You, You and I, Youi, Iyou, ever One in Essence, All One, Only One.

March 1, 2021
Shelley Wilson