Look. Here’s this transparency of identities. Let’s see…

I am Life Itself expressing through this particular form in this particular timeline of the only here and now.

I am the Universe Itself expressing through this physical Body with its particular DNA information, its genetics, its functions, abilities and limitations, with its size, shape, gender and age, communicating through its evolving senses of this evolving human species on this tiny, evolving planet moving through spacetime.

I am Nature’s Intelligence Itself expressing through the filters of this evolving Mind communicating thoughts, ideas, data with its abilities, limitations and fallibilities, with its ego, character, personality, personal preferences, its electro-magnetic connectivity and vibratory frequencies, with its evolving awareness and understandings.

I am the Spirit of Everything expressing through this individualized Soul Consciousness as a creative being with many aspects, communicating intuitions and insights in a universal language of feelings and images, co-creating with the Creator of all in all the wondrous diversity and oneness of Life.

I am all these identities yet when I let go my triune nature of Body, Mind, Soul, then I merge with the Essence of All That Is in the divine, integrating experience of who I truly am in the center of my eternally changing identities.

Yes, I am all this and so are You, You and I, Youi, Iyou, ever One in Essence, All One, Only One.

March 1, 2021
Shelley Wilson


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