I Had A Wish

I had a wish for a white shawl recently. I wondered why, then let it go.

I was remembering a visit to one of my friends in Ontario. She introduced me to her neighbour, a spiritualist and psychic. This lady closely resembled and even naturally gestured like my deceased mother. She also shared my sister’s first name. Like mom, Beverley read tea leaves so I asked her to do mine.

In the reading I was referred to several times as a Polar Bear. This caused me to chuckle because I’d once written a poem ‘My Grandma Was A Bear’. That’s how I saw my father’s mother in her personality, her ways and even her physicality. A Brown Bear. Another upstanding Brown Bear (non-human) even greeted her at her door one day as I recall.

The image of my being seen as a Polar Bear came to mind immediately before I had the wish for the white shawl.

The day after my wish, I decided to take a walk and check out our local consignment store here in the James Bay area of Victoria, BC.

As I waited in line to enter the store, I noticed something white amidst clothing in the window. There it was. A white fleece shawl. When I bought it, the ladies who served me said they’d placed it there just minutes before. They looked incredulous when I remarked that I had a wish for a white shawl the day before and it was obviously meant for me.

To my delight, the shawl has an embroidered West Coast Indigenous design of a white sun with the signature of the artist.

I’ve long had a strong feeling that I’ve had at least one life as a member of the West Coast Indigenous Nations. I truly love and admire the elegant sophistication of their artistry.

The border of the shawl was plainly serged. I felt it needed my personal touch so I added a fringe of yarn purchased on the same day. I had no idea what to do with this unusual yarn when I bought it. (This happens a lot!)

Looking at it now, I feel the fringe is definitely the finishing touch needed to express my nature and my creative spirit.

This Polar Bear With Sun Shawl is my wish come true.


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