Divine Fashions

It matters not what skin we’re in,

what colour, shape or size-

short or tall, fat or thin-

whatever Body we’re dressed in…

It matters not what race or gender,

cultural identity, family, history,

beliefs, accomplishments,

preferences, judgments of the Mind-

theirs or yours or mine…

We’re all Miracles of The Divine.

We’re all Life’s Creations

revealing Intelligent Design.

Through our birth of Life on Earth,

Life manifests as Matter-

Magnificent and Marvellous Matter.

Life In-Forms Itself through time.

Evolution, Life’s Great Process,

Fabulous and Sublime,

evolves many Diverse Fashions

as Forms Wondrous and Divine.

Some deny Life as the Creator-

God as Life Itself-

Life’s Presence in Everyone

ever declaring ‘We Are One’.

Some denigrate, devalue and deny Mankind

its very Body of Being-

till Understanding evolves to find

all God’s Fashions are Divine.

Every Body is Divine.

Every Atom is Divine.

(April 30, 2021- Shelley Wilson)


Life and Death

Mind, Body and Soul

can often disagree.

Mind and Body struggle to stay

but Soul has final say.

It serves the Soul’s Agenda-

a way to set Soul free,

though Mind and Body disagree.

It also serves the Soul’s Agenda

when Mind and Body survive,

grateful to be alive,

expressing Life their way.

When Mind, Body and Soul aline,

they are in harmony,

they do not disagree,

then One can clearly see

Life’s wonder and design

simply Perfect and Divine.

(April 30, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

Clear To Me


is napping and waking refreshed,

dressed as you were before.

Everything happens in The Ever Now-

Your future fashions, Your costumes of yore.


is selecting a suitable outfit

and changing into Your new clothes.


is a sleep and dreamed illusion

Your Soul uses. Your Spirit knows.


is waking up and staying awake.

Mind and body are Your robes.

You choose the materials and colours,

whatever works, anything goes.


is just a dreamed up delusion-

a fearful creation of the past-

a mental construct of separation

till You see through it at last.

Your Spirit dresses with intention,

then casts off its forms when done.

Knowing Your Self through Experience,

LIFE lives through Everyone.

You can choose to stay at Home-

Heaven’s Bliss and Eternal Rest-

or journey through realms and worlds,

ever and always, Divinely Blessed.

You may decide to disagree

but it’s perfectly clear to me.

(April 28, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

Personal Shortcomings

I don’t do ‘Humility’ well.

Though I have often tried,

I see most of my actions

reflecting back as humble pride.

I don’t do ‘Thieving’ well.

Once as a little child, I tried.

Caught with trinkets in a store,

my friends laughed when I cried.

I don’t do ‘Lying’ well.

As a ‘Flower Child’ I tried.

Cheating boyfriends caught me cheating.

My face betrayed me when I lied.

I don’t do ‘Marrying’ well,

though a faithful wife, I tried.

Our bed was hot and cold-

three-quarters was ‘my side’.

I don’t do ‘Suffering’ well

in any form when tried.

My ‘Persecution Complex’

is something that I hide.

I have no fear of dying

but ‘Public Speaking’ I have tried

releases past life memories-

rights and freedoms- life denied.

I have many ‘Shortcomings’,

more than those confessed,

but I am ever in God’s Grace.

Despite all, I am Blessed.

(April 27, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

I Tread Strange Territories

I tread strange territories

taking my intuitive compass

of subtle feelings that gently guide.

Familiar comforts are but memories-

beliefs and meanings left behind.

Some terrain is treacherous-

deceiving shadows where dangers hide

in ways that disempower, blind and bind.

Some terrain is heavenly-

deeper truths, higher wisdoms, love applied,

a joyful journey of my heart and mind.

April 25, 2021- Shelley Wilson

At The Crossroads

So many Potential Futures

await our Decisions here.

Humanity is at a Great Crossroads-

the Roads of Love and Fear-

the Ways of Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness,

or Ways of Hate and Loss of all that’s dear-

ever-constant Threats of Nuclear War,

Radiation of Tests in Water, Soil and Air,

Geo-engineered Climate Collapse becoming clear,

Biological Warfare on Global Agendas,

Insanities of Depopulation, Global Genocide,

Hoax Alien Attacks approaching near

to rob every Freedom, every Right held dear.

Jesus, Buddha and Others pointed to Love,

to Peace, to Selfless Sharing and Caring,

Ways to a Healthier Future

where Humanity can Thrive,

not merely Survive as Slaves

to Dark Forces creating Fear.

So many Potential Futures

await our Decisions here.

April 18, 2021- Shelley Wilson


There is Peace in Understanding

and Higher Wisdom found within

when All Lives are seen as Kin.

Many a Fear surrounds us here

but there’s a Power, beyond measure,

Life’s greatest gift, our hidden treasure,

God’s own Heaven found within,

our Creator found within,

Grace and Freedom found within.

Then All Lives are seen as Kin.

April 17, 2021

Shelley Wilson

Evolutionary Descendant

I wish with all my being

these words could last ten thousand years.

Forgive us Evolutionary Descendant,

our Future now in our Past,

Traveller through SpaceTime,

Observer, Messenger, Hostage

to our Political and Religious Dogmas

clearly seen in action, filmed

Interrogation Inquisition- inhumane

actions of primitive mindsets

that torture and kill without conscience

any being who does not look or think like us-

your Primitive Ancestors.

I am truly sorry, so truly sorry,

for what was done to you,

our Evolutionary Descendant,

the Inheritor of our Savage Wars.

No one has all the Answers

whether ‘dead or alive’, ‘past or future’,

but I have a Message for you too.

Life Itself is the Creator, the Great I Am,

in every being and in every thing-

every drop of water, speck of dust,

in, as, everything physical and not,

in All That Is, in you and me,

in Nature, in all the Universes.

Your Future is Divine Consciousness

co-creating with the Creator in you,

Beloved Evolutionary Descendant,

regardless of Timeline events

in the Ever Only Here Only Now.

You are Ever Present, Ever Alive

Divine Freedom, Love, and Sacred Light.

It matters not in the least

whatever forms we take, Dear One,

our Evolutionary Descendant.

April 16, 2021- Shelley Wilson

Lazy Days

I love my slow and lazy days

when duties and demands can rest

with saddened thoughts of troubled times.

I love my slow and lazy days

when I create the many ways

to luxuriate in leisure,

to simply drift without a care

on a boat of lazy rhymes

feeling happy, light and blessed

by moments now here to share,

enjoying my inner treasure.

April 15, 2021

Shelley Wilson

Walking Words

On my balcony chair, I just listen

as walking words pass by.

Many are the lazy likes-

impatient, abbreviated, unsure,

wanting to like and be liked,

strolling in conversations

parroting and parenting likes.

Uncaring words, the fucks, pass by too-

all but few dressed in tight conformity

while wishing to run free…

Rebel words declare their own identity

fashioned in darkening dialects

of current rebel fashions,

another learned conformity,

parroting and parenting their words too.

The air is filled with sounds-

working machines, sirens of warnings,

masked words, languages evolving…

I listen, then tune out the words

to hear the wondrous songs of birds.

April 14, 2021- Shelley Wilson

Our True Home

Heaven’s Light is our true Home,

that State of Peace beyond Location

yet permeating all Creation.

The Greater Life through which we live

grows ever beyond our definitions.

Life explores Its endless Possibilities.

Our intelligence and abilities

are of a young, evolving species

yet our Spirits come from Heaven’s Grace

beyond understandings of Time and Space.

Heaven’s Light is our true Home.

We explore many worlds and realms

but no matter how long or far we roam,

we take our rests within our Home.

Then off we go, if we so choose,

exploring Life, our lives, in many forms

that we indwell, experience and use.

It’s our Nature to create and co-create

exploring dense and ethereal realms

between our peaceful rests at Home.

Heaven’s Light is our true Home.

April 9, 2021- Shelley Wilson

Every Being Belongs To Heaven

Every being belongs to Heaven,

our one true Source and Home

from which we journey to and fro

expressing Life in countless forms and ways

among the stars and other realms,

always evolving as we go.

Some pass through belief-created hells,

staying till they free themselves

or others help to set them free

of ignorance and dark despair

from thoughts and deeds unworthy

of who they truly are.

No hell is everlasting.

God neither judges nor condemns.

We do it all ourselves.

But as we grow, we just let go

what does not feel like Love,

that reminder of Home called Heaven

from which we journey to and fro.

April 6,2021- Shelley Wilson