Divine Fashions

It matters not what skin we’re in,

what colour, shape or size-

short or tall, fat or thin-

whatever Body we’re dressed in…

It matters not what race or gender,

cultural identity, family, history,

beliefs, accomplishments,

preferences, judgments of the Mind-

theirs or yours or mine…

We’re all Miracles of The Divine.

We’re all Life’s Creations

revealing Intelligent Design.

Through our birth of Life on Earth,

Life manifests as Matter-

Magnificent and Marvellous Matter.

Life In-Forms Itself through time.

Evolution, Life’s Great Process,

Fabulous and Sublime,

evolves many Diverse Fashions

as Forms Wondrous and Divine.

Some deny Life as the Creator-

God as Life Itself-

Life’s Presence in Everyone

ever declaring ‘We Are One’.

Some denigrate, devalue and deny Mankind

its very Body of Being-

till Understanding evolves to find

all God’s Fashions are Divine.

Every Body is Divine.

Every Atom is Divine.

(April 30, 2021- Shelley Wilson)


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