The Legacy of Racism

The bodies of 215 Indigenous Children have now been discovered in a mass grave outside the Kelowna Indian Residential School once sponsored by the Canadian Government and run by the Roman Catholic Church. Similar histories of Abuse and Death come from Vancouver Island and elsewhere in Canada.

How could this happen here? or anywhere?

The Global Legacy of Racism in Church and State, in Religions and in Governments has ever been proclaimed as ‘The Will of God’ from ancient times until now. This ‘Will of God’ is ever a False Claim and its Legacy is Abuses of Power and Death for so many.

Governing Laws and Personal Actions based on these kinds of Religious Doctrines justifying Racism are not and never were ‘The Will of God’.

God did not create Racism. Humans did. Not only did early Humans create Racism and its Outcomes everywhere on Earth, they created Violent, Vengeful and Racist God(s) with Stories, Scriptures, Doctrines, Policies, Laws and Institutions to support, justify and maintain these Pyramidal Structures of Oppressive Beliefs ( Racial and Gender Supremacy, Domination and Colonization- ‘Divine Right’ and Aggression…) still evident today.

Apologies are Acknowledgements that Mistakes have been made. To Heal, Humanity must objectively, thoroughly Examine and Understand All Causes of Racism and then Activate True Compassion wherever Harm has been done.

My tears flow Orange today…

(May 31, 2021- Shelley Wilson)


Translation of An Alien Language

Translation of an Alien Language as two trans-dimensional travellers pass by Earth:

“Let’s avoid that contaminated planet and its dominant species, humanoids.”

“Yes, Intel says they’re dangerously hostile and violent animals who kill their own and other species everywhere on the planet. Some of them now have spaceships and advanced weapons. They’re planning a hoax alien invasion. In a short while, they’ll self-destruct. It’s one of our ancient seeding experiments gone wrong.”

“Let’s jump to the next Timeline and see if the planet can be cleaned up and replanted.”

(May 21, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

Transparent World

Transparent World

These are the Days of Transparency.

Once we were Invisible to the World.

Some still cling to Illusions of Privacy

but now we’re all Naked to our World.

Proud or Shy, Prudish or Nudist, every Intimacy

is Revealed in Touch or Click of our Screened World.

Governments, Corporations, Military

want to Know your Inner World.

Even Those Empowered through Secrecy

must now Live in their Transparent World.

Computers with Algorithms, AI Dependency-

soon Machines will Command this World.

I welcome a World of Transparency

but will Machines make a Better World?

(May 20, 2021- Shelley Wilson)


A pop of bright orange colour… I have always associated the colour Orange with Compassion, that wonderful, universal feeling and expression of Love in Action that acts as a bridge to Understanding. Our universal, all-embracing Compassion is truly needed in these stormy times. Even those who cannot feel Forgiveness or Tolerance may find their way through Compassion.

May 19, 2021

Shelley Wilson

The Whirlpool of Hatred, Violence, Revenge

The Whirlpool of Hatred, Violence and Revenge

-Hatred- Violence- Revenge- Hatred- Violence-

-Revenge- Hatred- Violence- Revenge- Hatred-

-Violence- Revenge- Hatred- Violence- Revenge-

Beware the Whirlpool in the Sea of Life!

Watch as it swirls in Contention and Strife.

Caught in that Energy, many backward turn.

To Destruction they go as the Waters churn.

Discordant Religions

speak ‘love’ then ‘kill’,

Beliefs that do harm,

claiming God’s Will.

Wealth of deadly Weapons,

Powers of the few,

mass murders justified,

World Crises ‘on cue’…

Let go the Old Gods

of Vengeance, Violence and Hate.


BE the HOPE of Your Fate.

(revisions: 1980’s, 2011, May 17, 2021)

Shelley Wilson

My Political Views

My Political Views

1. In a True Democracy, there’s No Deception, No Coercion, to gain Support and maintain Power.

2. In a True Democracy, Honesty and Responsibility anchor our Rights and Freedoms.

3. In a True Democracy, Differences do Not lead to Conflicts that Damage and Destroy Lives.

4. Democracy can be Explained and Demonstrated Simply, even to Educate a Little Child.

5. As an Adult, I Observe that Every Political ‘ism’- Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism and Every Theocracy, Every Democracy, Every Political Structure in History is a Pyramid of Power, Top to Bottom.

6. Changes come and go, fast or slow, yet always one Elite just Replaces another.

7. It has been said that Politics is our Spirituality Demonstrated. I have No Religion or Political Affiliation. My humble Vote goes to Those who Actually Demonstrate a Clear Understanding of True Democracy, with No Deception or Coercion, who Demonstrate Honesty and Responsibility, Respect for Rights and Freedoms, and Choose Peaceful Ways of Being.

(May 16, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

The Creator Continually Creating Creation

The Creator Continually Creating Creation

Through God’s Creative Energy,

the Energy of Life,

every Atom of the Universe

is Sacred and Divine

and speaks to us

a Holy Language,

wondrous and sublime.

Reverent or indifferent

though we may be,

the Language is Divine.-

Through God’s Creative Energy,

the Energy of Life,

every Colour of the Universe,

the Full Spectrum

between Black and White,

speaks to those who see

God’s Art in Light,

a Holy Science

of wonder and delight,

even Black and White-

Black Birds and White,

Black Cats and White,

Black-skinned Humans and White-

All are Life’s Creations and delight.

(May 16, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

Symbols and Metaphors

Symbols and Metaphors

We are separated and divided as a Species,

united in small parts here and there,

using Symbol and Metaphor often,

collectively and individually,

to express our Minds and Hearts.

We mistake Symbol and Metaphor

for that which they convey

and to them we give our power,

then live slavishly to obey…

Politics, Sciences, Religions all

carry histories of countless strifes

on the ‘backs’ of Symbols and Metaphors

to which so many give our very lives.

In Revolution and Evolution, we choose

a cross between self-sacrifice and sacrifice

of so many other precious lives.

Examples: +, the Cross of Spirit in Matter,

Equal, Spirit and Matter, Life,

Life Itself ever, all ways, always One-

a Symbol often used to dominate, subjugate,

ironically, even to kill in countless battles

and wars either lost or won.

Our Book of Life is ‘written’,

not in written Words and their Sounds,

not in Marks called Letters, or in Numbers.

We create and co-create, impacting Life around.

It’s ‘written’ in our feelings, attitudes, actions,

everywhere Sentient Life abounds.

Life Itself is Sacred. Everywhere is Holy Ground.

May the Language of Symbol and Metaphor

be the Music and Poetry of the Soul

through which we feel and see more clearly

the Oneness of Life, our Source and Goal.

(May 13, 2021- Shelley Wilson)