The World of Make-Believe

The World of Make-Believe

We live in a World of Make-Believe-

Cultural Stories, Ancient and Modern Myths

about God, about Life, about Ourselves-

our Genesis Creation Stories handed down-

like the Myth of Original Sin, the Garden of Eden,

the shame and blame of Women,

the trusting innocence of Men-

like the Modern Myth of Santa Claus,

Flying Reindeer and Christmas Elves

making Gifts for Good (Obedient) Girls and Boys-

a Consumer Society Dream made ‘real’-

made ‘real’ for many Young Minds

soon to learn it’s all Make-Believe.

We now take to the Stars, the Moon and Mars

the Primitive Myths of Mankind-

Names from Humanity’s Childhood…

We carry with us our Cultural Stories-

our Once Imagined Explanations of Life

made Sacred Traditions through Repetitions,

Memorizations, Enactments of the Young.-

Thus, we create our Realities through Beliefs.

We carry that Heavy Bag of our Past

with its countless conflicts, countless Griefs

into New Worlds of our Make-Beliefs.

(May 11, 2021- Shelley Wilson)


8 thoughts on “The World of Make-Believe

    • Thank you Ashok. This poem was inspired this morning by some pages I read in the book Communion With God by Neale Donald Walsch. Other poems have been inspired by reading the words of Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar and so many other great Messengers. Then again, I am inspired to write by anything and everything in Life. Life, like breath, is an inspiration. Lol! Sending hugs 🙏🤗💕✨

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      • I had loved his Conversation with God.

        It is amazing you talking about Paramahansa Yogananda and Sri Yukteshwarji… they have been in my thoughts and being non stop for the past 4 days. Monday the 10th was Sri Yukteshwarji’s birthday and we had special online meditations on Sunday and Monday. They were so beautiful and I am still drenched in their Love.

        Do you know that Paramahansa Yogananda is called Love Incarnate.

        Yes Shelley, once we are connected with life everything teaches and inspires.

        Am so glad to connect with you 💖🤗

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      • How wonderful! So Am I… there are so many paths to God, so many ways to realizing our oneness with God, Life, everything and everyone. My daughter is currently reading the Self-Realization literature as I did in the early 1970s in my personal studies of religions and spiritual philosophies since my teens. I have no religion but cherish the best in all religions… all the wisdom teachings of Love and Oneness that led me to the Experience. 💖✨💝🥰✨

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      • So beautiful Shelley. That is what drew me to Self Realisation Fellowship- it is non sectarian. Orthodox and ritualistic religion never appealed to me.
        I am deeply with SRF and Paramahansa Yogananda now and have converted my apartment into a local meditation center.

        You might be aware that PY has written Second Coming of Christ on Christian holy texts and God Talks With Arjuna on Hindu holy Geeta and concluded that both the teachings are essentially same. On our altar we have Krishna and Christ both 😊💖

        My realisation of oneness of all and God as love too is based on my personal experiences and understanding.

        Let us hope and pray that we all become love ❤️

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