Symbols and Metaphors

Symbols and Metaphors

We are separated and divided as a Species,

united in small parts here and there,

using Symbol and Metaphor often,

collectively and individually,

to express our Minds and Hearts.

We mistake Symbol and Metaphor

for that which they convey

and to them we give our power,

then live slavishly to obey…

Politics, Sciences, Religions all

carry histories of countless strifes

on the ‘backs’ of Symbols and Metaphors

to which so many give our very lives.

In Revolution and Evolution, we choose

a cross between self-sacrifice and sacrifice

of so many other precious lives.

Examples: +, the Cross of Spirit in Matter,

Equal, Spirit and Matter, Life,

Life Itself ever, all ways, always One-

a Symbol often used to dominate, subjugate,

ironically, even to kill in countless battles

and wars either lost or won.

Our Book of Life is ‘written’,

not in written Words and their Sounds,

not in Marks called Letters, or in Numbers.

We create and co-create, impacting Life around.

It’s ‘written’ in our feelings, attitudes, actions,

everywhere Sentient Life abounds.

Life Itself is Sacred. Everywhere is Holy Ground.

May the Language of Symbol and Metaphor

be the Music and Poetry of the Soul

through which we feel and see more clearly

the Oneness of Life, our Source and Goal.

(May 13, 2021- Shelley Wilson)


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