My Political Views

My Political Views

1. In a True Democracy, there’s No Deception, No Coercion, to gain Support and maintain Power.

2. In a True Democracy, Honesty and Responsibility anchor our Rights and Freedoms.

3. In a True Democracy, Differences do Not lead to Conflicts that Damage and Destroy Lives.

4. Democracy can be Explained and Demonstrated Simply, even to Educate a Little Child.

5. As an Adult, I Observe that Every Political ‘ism’- Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism and Every Theocracy, Every Democracy, Every Political Structure in History is a Pyramid of Power, Top to Bottom.

6. Changes come and go, fast or slow, yet always one Elite just Replaces another.

7. It has been said that Politics is our Spirituality Demonstrated. I have No Religion or Political Affiliation. My humble Vote goes to Those who Actually Demonstrate a Clear Understanding of True Democracy, with No Deception or Coercion, who Demonstrate Honesty and Responsibility, Respect for Rights and Freedoms, and Choose Peaceful Ways of Being.

(May 16, 2021- Shelley Wilson)


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