The Whirlpool of Hatred, Violence, Revenge

The Whirlpool of Hatred, Violence and Revenge

-Hatred- Violence- Revenge- Hatred- Violence-

-Revenge- Hatred- Violence- Revenge- Hatred-

-Violence- Revenge- Hatred- Violence- Revenge-

Beware the Whirlpool in the Sea of Life!

Watch as it swirls in Contention and Strife.

Caught in that Energy, many backward turn.

To Destruction they go as the Waters churn.

Discordant Religions

speak ‘love’ then ‘kill’,

Beliefs that do harm,

claiming God’s Will.

Wealth of deadly Weapons,

Powers of the few,

mass murders justified,

World Crises ‘on cue’…

Let go the Old Gods

of Vengeance, Violence and Hate.


BE the HOPE of Your Fate.

(revisions: 1980’s, 2011, May 17, 2021)

Shelley Wilson


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