Hate is a mental illness—

the most destructive kind

that deadens the Heart

and poisons the Mind.

Hate spreads like a deadly virus

infecting much of Mankind

when Fear controls emotions

and actions are unkind,

uncaring, unloving, unjust,

harming all it finds…

Hate feeds a Shadow World

where ‘Living and Dead’ both dwell,

a Realm of All Fears,

all Illusions and Delusions,

Deceptions and Lies…

Here Love becomes a Shadow,

twisted to what it’s not—

violent anger, desired revenge,

a destructive Whirlwind

of Misery and Death…

A deadly Weapon of Energy

formed in thoughts and emotions,

in cultivated, distorted,

warped World Views,

Hate kills the Joy of Life

and Peace of many Lives.

June 9, 2021- Shelley Wilson


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