Into The Closet

Into The Closet

Every day I open Invisible Doors

to the Closet of my Mind,

choosing to wear what I see there.

My Wardrobe of Ideas and Beliefs

has often changed through the years

though much still remains.

Sometimes, like clothes, they no longer fit,

no longer express who I am

nor who I now choose to be.

Some have less quality, less value to me.

Some wear out their meaning.

Those, I just let go.

My such ‘clothes’ are handed down

from the Wardrobes of others.

Some I treasure. Some I alter for me

so I can move and live more free.

Some ‘clothes’ and ‘shoes’ are exciting and new.

With Time, I’ll see how they wear too.

Some days, I find I’d rather pay No Mind

to any Thoughts, Ideas, Beliefs inside.

Then I see No Need, Nothing Required…

I simply Feel the Love,

Divine, Unconditional, Non-judging Love,

wearing a seamless Robe of Oneness

and finding my Self in every thread.

With age, I grow more sensitive,

more aware and more caring

of how it Really Feels—

this Matter, this Energy,

this Coloured Material of Ideas and Beliefs

in the Closet of my Mind.

June 10, 2021- Shelley Wilson


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