Miracles of Love

Miracle of love or made up story?

I was passing a house on my walk the other day when I saw a lady pruning her profusely blossoming rosebush. I’d never seen roses of this ‘dusty rose’ colour before. It took my breath away.

She invited me to take a closer look. By this magnificent display, she told me it was a ‘David Austen’ shrub called ‘Royal Jubilee’, now measuring 11 feet high and 19 feet wide.

This shrub was so productive, she claimed to have counted the flowers she had cut from it last year. She asked me to guess the number. I joked that it felt like I was at an auction as the numbers I guessed went up and up. It ended at 1,981 roses.

She said this shrub was planted 4 years ago and was only supposed to grow a mere 4 feet high.

In our conversation, she told me she was from a Mennonite family of several generations and taught from childhood never to boast. She also revealed that she often talks to this rosebush she loves so much and sometimes even kisses the roses when near.

She’d written a letter to the David Austen society in the UK but had sent no photos as she doesn’t own a cellphone to take pictures. She’d received a polite ‘sometimes it happens’ reply.

Her eyes lit up as I left saying ‘It’s the power of love.’

Next is a photo of my two vintage photos 1977.



On the right, I’m pregnant with our first child, Alissa (later Big Sister to our second child Aaron). Behind is one of the welding sculptures I created called ‘The North Wind’.

To the left is a photo I must call ‘Miracles of Love’.

First is our miracle daughter, Baby Sweet Alissa, born 2 pounds 9 ounces. She wasn’t expected to live and thrive.

On both sides of her are two ‘protective’ ‘Mother of Millions’ plants I grew from two tiny offshoots I was given by my elderly friend and spiritual teacher Sarah (whose given name was Alice but she was known by everyone as Sarah. She identified with Sarah of the Old Testament. I identified with Hagar.)

I loved these Mothers of Millions plants. They grew together in separate pots, evenly, without any kind of support, from the floor to the ceiling and then proceeded to grow along the ceiling a few feet, both the same length. (They had to go when our toddler began to explore and taste everything.)

The floor statue, made of almost ‘petrified’ birch wood was carved by my husband. I made the steely metal bird welding sculpture.

Oh, yes, I believe the other plant in both photos is called ‘Mother In Law’s Tongue. It grew well too.

June 17, 2021- Shelley Wilson


2 thoughts on “Miracles of Love

  1. This is so beautiful Shelley 💖💖

    The miracle of roses as well as Alissa. God bless you all 💖🙏
    And you are looking so good carrying Aarron 😍

    Love truly can create miracles 💖❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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