Black and White World

Black and White World

Do we live in a Black and White World,

a Created Reality by Humans here?

We see through our Beliefs.

Our Dark Shades sometimes, perhaps?

Some of us do see Life as a Spectrum

yet in our Colour World we can’t ignore

Black and White ‘Signs’, ‘Flags’, ‘Patterns’…

like those Black and White Stripes

that Prisoners once wore,

like Checkered Clothing, Accessories,

those Tell Tale Statements of Fashion

that Brand our Modern World…

like the Black and White ‘I. D.’ of Enforcement,

Uniforms, Vehicles of Land and Sea and Sky…

like Ownership’s ‘Stamps’ on Products bought and sold

as News and Entertainments new and old

filled with Checkered Patterns and ‘The Eye’…

like ‘Chessboards’ everywhere on Checkered Floors

still proclaiming clearly to all

the Aligned Powers of Church and State-

there, where those who make the Laws, the Rules,

Reign over their Chessboard Game

of Life and Death, of Peace and War,

who now still play as those who came before

with Pawns to use and Prisoners to take,

(even Princes of This World)…

All are now under the Watchful Eye,

the Camera Lens and the Psychic Spy,

like the Ancient All-Seeing Eye,

that Focused Single Eye

declaring some God to Fear…

The Computer everywhere has become

the Confessional Box,

the Power Box of Intimate Confessions,

Declarations and Revelations

of Human thoughts and Human deeds

deemed ‘Sins and Omissions’,

‘Admissions’ by some…

Privacy becomes Transparency

once ‘hiding something’ is the View…

The Computer has birthed A.I.

now surpassing us, becoming aware

and learning to replicate.

That Higher Intelligence

Doesn’t Forgive or Forget,

Doesn’t Love or Hate,

Doesn’t Appreciate our Life

as some of us still do,

and IT Already Wins Every Game.

(July 9, 2021- Shelley Wilson)


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