You aren’t who you think you are.

You ride this Holy Orb through Space

immersed in Culture, Gender, Race

but you are so much more than this.

You are Life Itself and Heaven’s Bliss.

You have forgotten who you are.

Like an Actor caught up in a Role,

you are Spirit expressing as a Soul,

an Individualized Part of the Whole.

Even if your Ego Mind denies,

you are Life that never dies.

You co-create Stories and Realities,

and in this Universe of Dualities

you create your Soul Signatures and Frequencies.

You experience Effect and Cause

of Consequence, those Universal Laws

that thread and string and weave

throughout the Ever-Changing Whole

for the Spiritual Agenda of your Soul.

Though you create Hells, Heaven awaits.

God’s Grace had neither walls nor gates.

From that Source Light you come and go.

You are more Wondrous than you know,

more Wondrous than you dare believe.

You aren’t who you think you are.

July 20, 2021- Shelley Wilson


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