Feeling These Colours- A Weaving

This is another weaving I created this past September. I took photos while it was still on the weaving boards. Hand-weaving on the flat surface of our table takes its toll on my back and neck so I propped it up against my large camera tripod. (Hoping Santa will bring me a sturdy table easel this year…) The inspiration came with a desire to interpret my current feelings through colour choices from my yarn collection. As ever, there was no actual plan in my head for making this. It just gradually ‘happened’. The wired word ‘Poet‘ was something I made before. I preferred to do ‘Poetry’ but didn’t have sufficient wire. I also had some fun beading from my ‘treasure chest’ of beads and ‘whatnots’. My small collection of metallic threads is smaller now too. I love the freedoms of spontaneity, choices of materials, processes and techniques. And the fun of it all.


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