Time Travellers

Poetry In A New Paradigm: Time Travellers

A Stream of Consciousness Poem

We all come from Prime Source, God Source,

Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Bliss,

through states of ‘Being’, sublime states,

states ‘etheric’ and ‘subtly dense’-

through many Sequential/Simultaneous

Moving Moments of Multi-Directional,

Multi-Dimensional ‘Tunnels of Time’…

We travel to Worlds such as this,

this Planet of dense physicality,

this ‘Living Museum and Library’,

this bio-diverse and resource-rich ‘Earth’,

this small gem in a vast Multi-Verse…

Each Soul Journey has an ‘Agenda’

though we pass through Ethereal Veils

of confusing Forgetfulness here,

here where we ‘gather Experiences’…

Though some ‘Return to Remembrance’

of their True Nature and Timeless State

before their ‘Death’, many others wait

their own passing through ‘Life’s Sacred Gate’…

We live in a Realm of Duality

with many a Created Reality-

Collective and Individual Realities…

We move our Heart, our Mind, our Body

through ‘Life’s Process of Constant Change’

gathering Experiences as we go-

Experiences wondrous and strange,

Experiences we already know,

Processing as we go…

We gather Life’s Information,

Experiment to See What Works

for Collective and Personal Agendas

of Life’s Creative, Ingenious Growth…

We come to eventually Value

the Transformative ‘Gold’ of ‘Wisdom’,

the ‘Silver’ of ‘Progressive Understanding’,

and the ‘Copper’ of Cumulative ‘Common Sense’-

that ‘Inner Metal’ of Instinct and Intuition

when ‘In Danger’ comes to our Defence,

when ‘In Practical Use’ simply ‘Makes Sense’…

We live Lives short and long

exploring Spectrums of Thoughts and Actions,

exploring Spectrums of Awareness

ranging between Weak and Strong…

Sooner or later, we Return to our Source-

Prime Source, God Source, our ‘Heaven’,

our True Nature and True Home-

dropping our Veils of Forgetfulness,

Remembering our Ways Back Home-

Back to All Our Beginnings

where Nothing Is Separate, Alone, Apart…

Then God Asks A Simple Question.

Do We Wish To Stay or Continue On-

‘Stay Home’ or ‘Get A Fresh Start

On To New Adventures’

in a vast Multi-Verse to roam…

We’re All Essentially Time-Travellers

Going To and From Our Home…

September 3, 2021

Shelley Wilson

I hope this gives you a chuckle too. I plan to give this T-shirt to my son last Christmas. Well, actually, next Christmas in this Timeline but the Christmas before in another. Then there’s the Timeline where I didn’t buy this T-shirt and the Timeline where I don’t have a son and the Timeline where I’m not on Earth and so I didn’t write this and you aren’t reading these words now….


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