When I Go Home

Sunlight Through Raindrops: When I Go Home:

When I go Home, It isn’t here on Earth

though I bless this place of many a birth

in many a time and land.

Home isn’t even among the Stars

like the Sirius System, Pleiades and Mars

or all the other places I once knew.

When I go Home, I’ll not delay to stay

in the myriad versions of ‘heavens and hells’

co-created in layered Astral Realms,

Imaginal Realms, Realms of Nightmares and Dreams

where everything seems to ‘feel real’.

I’ve been to these heavens and hells before,

seen their gods and devils, angels and demons before,

their myriad names of power, their games

of rewards and punishments, games of peace and war

amidst the veils of all created illusions,

mythologies, systems of hierarchies and confusions.

When I go Home, I’ll return to Pure Light and Love,

the Great Oneness, the Grace of God Source,

Unconditional Love, our True Eternal Home

in Ultimate Reality, Fully Merged In God.

Then I Am and That’s All That Is,

the Great Oneness of Pure Being.

I may choose to Stay Formless or Continue On

exploring the True ‘Other Side’, Other Ways

of Being in Spirit and Remembering

‘Being Home’, the Great Oneness, Pure Being.

When I go Home again, ‘Being Heaven’ again,

I may Stay or Continue On

to Be Born in Physical Worlds-

choosing to explore New Adventures

or Re-Living Adventures in different ways.

I Am Life Living-Living Life In Many Ways

In the Ever Present, Ever Here, Ever Now.

In Forms, I often forget who I am-

a device, a method to play roles of Becoming,

Becoming those Creative Visions I choose-

no ‘better’, no ‘less’, than ‘Others’ too,

for We Are Life Living- Living Life In Many Ways.

Sooner or later, We All Return To Source,

To Ultimate Reality, To Pure Light and Pure Love,

To ‘Being Home’ and ‘Being Heaven’ again.

October 4, 2021

Shelley Wilson


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