May we never put ourselves or another

in an airless Box of Infallibility-

no space for error or growth,

no evolving understandings,

no letting go of lesser truths for greater-

no space for truths of divine dichotomies

or two seeming opposite truths of humanity

when understood, in synchronized harmony

like two eyes, left and right, with peripheral vision

and the greater vision of detached inner sight

having its own perspectives expanding

with higher and wider understandings.

May we never cage ourselves or others

in Adorned Antique or Modern Boxes

filled with histories of Infallible Words

and no space to breathe, to change,

no updated information allowed,

no room to change and grow

beyond the small World we know.

May we free ourselves and others

from slavish subservience to symbols and sounds-

(like those binding contracts, oaths and vows

where wrongs can’t be undone)-

those tools of written and spoken languages,

those instruments of old and new rules to obey,

those conveyers of old stories told even today,

whether benevolent, helpful or irrational, irrelevant.

May we all be free in the Spirit of Life, Freedom Itself,

through our actions, through our words,

throughout our evolving World and Beyond.

May we find and honour our truths,

leaving Infallible Words behind.

August 10, 2021

Shelley Wilson


One thought on “Infallibility

  1. WordPress has taken another photo from my collections instead of the one I actually posted. This photo of family pets doesn’t show up on my own site but does in Reader. I guess WordPress makes errors too. Lol I tried to remove this but it won’t disappear. So, the photos are of our pets as well as my Mother, Sister and myself taken many years ago. 🤣😁


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