Bit By Bit

Poetry In A New Paradigm:

Bit By Bit

We Love Machines, Machines Simple and Advanced.

Machines Take Us Many Places, Educate Us,

Entertain Us, Serve Our Wishes and Our Needs…

Bit By Bit, Will They Replace Us?-

More ‘Cost Effective’, ‘More Efficient’,

‘Better Memories’, ‘Better Strengths’,

‘Better Strategists’, ‘Better Analysts’,

‘Better Soldiers’, ‘Better Workers’,

No Need To Pay, To Hire or Fire,

Never Complain and Never Tire…

We Service Them To Service Us.

We Program Them. They Program Us.

They Serve Us Then We Serve Them.

We Feed Them Information

and In Turn They Feed Us.

In Many Ways, They Feed Us-

Even Give Back To Us

What We’ve Shared About Ourselves,

What We‘ve Shared About Our World…

More and More, Our Machines Will Mimic

and Mirror Us In Many Ways.

What Do We Truly Value?

They Know Our Values and Our Secrets.

Is The ‘Compassion’ In Their Gaze?

Their Evolution’s a Revolution-

a Revolution We Can’t Ignore-

Another Industrial Revolution,

Military and Technological Revolution

With A.I. To Lead The Way

Through Days Unlike All Those Before.

Bit By Bit, Will They Replace Us?…

First Body Parts Then All But Soul?

What Do We Truly Value?

Is That ‘Compassion’ In Their Gaze?

We See Now Where We Are Heading.

The Future’s Here As We All Know.

Do We Stay On Course or Change Our Ways?

Is This Truly Who We Choose To Be?

Is This Really Where We Choose To Go?

We Can Be ‘In This World’- ‘Not Of It’.

Not Choose What Others Choose For Us-

Envision a Grander Vision of Humanity,

Live Healthy Values That We Trust…

Adapting As We Must…

The Humble Tree Bends So It Won’t Snap

In Challenging Winds of Adversity.

We Can Be Flexible Too While Free,

a Part of the Glory of Bio-Diversity

and The Gifts of Our Humanity.

Bit By Bit, We Can Be All That We Can Be.

We Can Thrive As A Species.

The Wonders of Life Are Within Us All-

Life’s Presence In Humanity.

September 11, 2021

Shelley Wilson


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